The Mishap

A couple of blog entries ago, I wrote about our trip to Turkey. I didn’t go much into detail about it, just the basic details. Now that the said trip is over, I finally have the time to write about it.

Warning: It was traumatic.

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(Okay, that was a bit lame. Ha-ha.)

Anyway…as the title of this post suggests, YES we are heading to Turkey in February!!!

We have been planning this for months and we were *this* close to backing out due to the lack of airline options. (In short, we cannot find plane tickets that we can easily afford.)

Honestly, Turkey has never been in my bucket list. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I just never occurred to me that it was feasible. For someone who was a European Studies major, I’m pretty much ignorant about that part of Europe unless of course it’s one of those countries that had a history of political unrest, genocide, etc. Thank goodness for the internet, I learned a lot about the country in just a short period of time and damn…falling in love was just inevitable (ugh, have you seen Cappadocia?! It looks magical!).

So yes, earlier today my housemates and I went to a travel expo and we were fortunate enough to find a relatively less expensive (somehow the word cheap doesn’t seem suitable) plane tickets to Istanbul. It was a choice among Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Malaysian Airlines. All tickets are priced at around USD900+ excluding taxes and these were supposed to be discounted already (normal fare is usually at USD1000+). We ended up with Singapore Airlines as it has the best price (USD917 all-in fare).

I am so excited! I live for moments like this. I don’t think I could ever shake off the euphoria brought by exploring a foreign land for the first time.

Until next update! xxx