About Me

This, for me, is the most difficult thing to write. How do you even describe your own self?

Well, first and foremost, my name is Erika. That’s all people need to know–my first name. My nickname is actually Funky, but when I started growing up, my family realized that Funky is not quite suitable for a young lady. Most people call me Eka because that’s the shortest my name could get.

“Why does it always rain on me?” For some, this might be just a line from a random song but it has a significance in my life. There was a storm brewing when I was born. Guess what? Two months later, it rained hard on my baptism too. Coincidence? I think not. I swear I have never spent a birthday without rain. It rained on my grade school graduation, high school graduation, even the day I graduated from college. My mom always tell me that it’s because I’m blessed and perhaps it’s true. With all that rain, heaven must have already poured tons of holy water on me.

I’m not the typical girl who goes gaga over fashion, spends most of her time in malls, and knows all the latest trends out there. I don’t shop a lot, but I spend most of my earnings in fine cuisine, good books, and traveling, and I don’t regret it one bit because the experience is just priceless. My goal is to visit one foreign country at least once a year, squeeze in a few out of town trips.

Someday I would like to quit my job and just travel the world. But for now, I’m tangled up in daydreams.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. writingbolt says:

    I’d say look into your astrology (if you don’t think of it as witchcraft as some Capricorns…and a few Aquarians…do). There’s bound to be more to this rain coincidence. And, I find the possibility quite fascinating.

    I am not sure if you are technically a snake or dragon year, in Chinese astrology.

    Hi :)

    You don’t seem tangled up in daydreams. You seem much free-er to travel than I’d likely ever feel. I am turning green as I type. I am sure some will tell me how to budget better and whatnot, but I can’t please everyone fast enough:P

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