Love All Around

Whew. I just got back from attending my friends’ weddings. Yes, weddings. My friends and I were crazy enough to attend two weddings in one weekend…in two separate provinces.

Like I said, crazy.

The good thing is, we had so much fun despite the awkward moments and misadventures we encountered along the way. It was also a chance to reunite with good friends, although we pretty much see each other on a regular basis.


The wedding we attended last Saturday was for one of my bestfriends. I’ve known her since Kindergarten and I couldn’t be happier that she found someone as understanding and generous as she is.

I was one of her Maids of Honor and can I just say, I didn’t expect that there was such chaos behind beautiful wedding photos! We left our town around 5:30AM and we arrived in Splendido in Tagaytay City at around 8AM. We didn’t start with hair and makeup until around 10AM, with our down time spent catching up, taking photos and videos and practicing our choreography for the wedding reception (it was one of those last minute things).


By the time we were ready to go to Chapel on the Hill , we were already sweating profusely and my carefully placed curls turned into messy curls just like that. It was so windy outside the chapel that I walked on the aisle with my messy curls wind-blown excuse for a hair.


I used to love Caleruega Church but Chapel on the Hill has its own charm.

The party was held at the Splendido Clubhouse (not sure if it was the correct name of the place) and it was also such a beautiful venue.

The other wedding we attended was held at Acuatico Beach Resort. It was quite a drive from Tagaytay to Batangas (approximately 3 hours) but it was worth it.


Seeing the set up made me yearn for a beach wedding in the future. The scenery was perfect! Unfortunately, my religion does not allow wedding ceremonies outside church. :(


Anyway, it was the couple’s second wedding. The first wedding was held in a yacht in Singapore. Given that most of their family members are in the Philippines, they decided to have their official wedding here.

We ended up staying overnight as the party ended late. My friends and I took the opportunity to bond.


The next wedding we will attend will be in 25 days and I just can’t wait!


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