Travel Planning: Turkey Edition

My friends and I finally came up with an itinerary for our upcoming trip to Turkey. It’s not a fully defined plan by any means but we at least agreed on a general route which is: Istanbul – Ephesus – Pamukkale – Cappadocia – Istanbul.

The Flight

We will leave Manila via Singapore Airlines on 06 Feb 2016 and arrive in Singapore on the same day at around 10PM. We will then depart from Singapore by midnight and arrive in Istanbul on 07 Feb 2016 at around 7AM. (Hello jet lag!!!)


I initially thought that finding a hotel room for three adults will be difficult but it was quite a breeze, to my surprise. If there’s one thing I have learned from travelling, that would be to find a hotel that is accessible. It must be within a good distance from the train or bus station. The nearer, the better. Plus points if there’s good WiFi.

Tip: Always, always check the reviews made by previous guests. I often book using and from there you can already see validated reviews posted by guests coming from different parts of the world. You can also check the reviews posted in Trip Advisor.

Here is the list of the hotels that we selected for our trip:


We will be staying in two different hotels, our first night (07 to 08 Feb) will be at Sentire Hotel & Residences (a few mins away from Istiklal Caddesi) while our last two nights  in Turkey (12 to 14 Feb) will be at Snog Rooms & Suites (located in Beyoglu near Galata Tower).


Selcuk is the nearest town to Ephesus. We reserved a hotel room at Ephesus Selcuk Castle View Suites which is a few minutes away from the Basilica of St John.


I remember seeing this poster at work where there was a couple inside a hot air balloon looking over the scenic landscape of Cappadocia. I was fascinated with it but merely dismissed the thought because I realized that experiencing such a thing was next to impossible. A couple of years later, here we are!

Anyway, we reserved a room at Erenbey Cave Hotel in Nevsehir, Goreme. I cannot wait to sleep inside a cave! (Sort of.)


Now, the least exciting part of any trip: EXPENSES! Fortunately for us, we scored relatively cheap plane tickets to Istanbul when we attended a Travel Expo last July. What’s even better was that we arranged for these tickets to be paid in installment.

As for the hotels, the total cost for all four hotels is EUR650.50 so that would be EUR216.83 for each of us (PHP10,841.66 @ EUR50=PHP1).


On to the next part: drafting a detailed itinerary. I still have a week of vacation to work on this so hopefully, I get to finish this before the month ends because December and January will be quite hectic.


Tell me what you think!

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