Hello, it has been quite a while and I can only think of one excuse: Life. Yes, life happened. Or should I say, work? Either way, I have been preoccupied with stuff hence my absence.

I may look calm but I’m actually panicking deep inside due to the state of my blog. I usually update after a trip but damn it, it has already been almost ten months since our trip to Osaka but I haven’t even been able to upload our photos in Facebook yet! Hashtag firstworldproblems.

Anyway, there have been a lot of changes in my life over the course of [insert no of months here]. While I am still not certain whether or not these changes are for the better, it doesn’t change the fact that these still happened.

1. Good things come to those who wait

Now I can say it: I received a promotion! This has got to be the highlight of my career. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t be proud? I became an Assistant Vice President at the age of 26! This is an accomplishment for me, a humongous one. I wanted to cry happy tears in front of my boss when she told me the news.

I don’t remember if I already mentioned this before but I just joined the department last year (June 2014). It was a significant shift in my career and I had this mindset that I needed to prove to everyone that I can succeed. The reason being, my former boss told me that if I jumped ship I would be starting all over again and that I have to start from scratch whereas if I stayed, I will be able to uphold whatever reputation I have already built.

I could have stayed for something more secure but I didn’t. I took a risk and voilĂ ! All the hard work paid off.

2. Always the bridesmaid…

Three of my closest friends are getting hitched! The first wedding will be held this December and I am one of the maids of honor (she has four— I honestly didn’t know that it was possible). The second one will be in January, just two days after my 27th birthday. I am one of the bridesmaids so yeah, another reason to look pretty! The third one will be next December, no definite date yet.

Honestly, when I first found out about the recent engagement of my friend…I had a sort-of quarter life crisis. It suddenly dawned upon me that WTF we really are adults now! In less than four years’ time, I’ll be turning 30 and ohmigod I can’t handle this! I don’t want to! *panic mode*

3. The Road to a Healthier Me

I started going to the gym. Surprise! In light of recent events, I realized that it’s time to bring the sexy back. It has been a month and so far I haven’t quit. I’m feeling optimistic on this one.

4. Future Schmuture

I’m starting to realize that is imperative to prepare for my future. I don’t want to grow old without anything under my name. I want to grow old in peace.

Now I’m trying to be more cautious in spending. I just hope it isn’t too late.

5. Finding where I’m good at

I thought I was good in drawing and painting until I was disillusioned because I saw people who are so much better at their craft.

I stopped doing things I love until someone told me that I just need to practice. And so I did. I’m determined this time.

See, I have been productive!


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