Give me Banh Mi!

Oh, how I miss Vietnam.

I don’t miss the overpopulated roads and the panic-inducing traffic. (My thought process before crossing the street: Should I cross now? Where do I look? Left? Right? Please don’t let me die! I’m not ready to die!)

Viet Nam 01

I don’t particularly miss roaming around the market because I get easily overwhelmed…but I do miss strolling around the city (without having to cross the street). I miss the huge trees, the French-inspired buildings, the overall vibe.

Most of all, I miss Banh Mi! If ever I will go back to Viet Nam, it would be for the love of this glorious sandwich. I don’t normally buy food from street vendors and it was during our stay in Viet Nam that I finally tried to be a little bit braver. For VND 20,000 or PHP 40.00 you can buy a decent Banh Mi (though honestly, I have never encountered a not decent Banh Mi during our vacation) from a street vendor. There’s one stationed outside our hotel (Townhouse 50) and trust me, I prefer eating the lady’s Banh Mi than the free breakfast food served at the hotel.

We tried looking for Banh Mi here in Manila but we failed. Not that there isn’t any, but the ones here are expensive (around PHP 200.00) and they do not even come close to the authentic ones back in Viet Nam.

Viet Nam 05

Suddenly, the idea of street food doesn’t seem that bad.

Perhaps I should just change the name of my blog to Tangled Up In Daydreams of Banh Mi?

Note: I wrote a (sort of) detailed post about my trip to Ho Chi Minh and Mui Ne here. I re-read it just now and I’m quite proud of what I wrote there. It seems like I actually didn’t get tired towards the end of the post because the ending wasn’t abrupt. Heehee.


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