Frenemies in Hong Kong and Macau

Disclaimer: When I use the term “frenemy” it doesn’t mean that we fight all the time but it’s just mainly due to our constant bickering and teasing. It’s just how we are.

I love winter even though I always end up freezing my butt in the cold.

We flew to Hong Kong on the 8th of January 2013 so the cold weather was still at its peak. I loved it. I honestly love wearing winter clothes because they hide my baby fats (emphasis on the S) and well, they look really nice in pictures! Superficial, I know…but can you really blame me?

HK 2013 03

My friend’s theme: print on print + loud colors

We arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport before lunch so we decided to try out the famous Tim Ho Wan at Central Station. We had a hard time looking for it because the signage was in Chinese but as soon as we saw how crowded the restaurant was, we knew that we found the right place.

HK 2013 05

HK 2013 06

I ordered pork buns and this rice wrap thingy which I thought was actual rice. (I couldn’t stand not having rice at least once a day. Very Asian, I know!)

There are now two branches of Tim Ho Wan here in Manila (as far as I know) but the experience isn’t quite the same. While the restaurant in Hong Kong feels more like a hole-in-the-wall eatery, the branches here in the Philippines look posh. In addition, the pork buns taste sweeter in Hong Kong. Or maybe it’s just me?

Anyway, six of my friends and I booked four rooms at Mini Hotel in Central, Hong Kong. (I previously wrote a post about this cute hotel here.) The hotel is just a short distance away from Queen’s Road (hello H&M, Cotton On, Mc Donald’s, Cafe de Coral, et cetera!), the Victoria Peak (if you’re patient), and the Central Station (if you’re super duper extra patient and willing to do some cardio). Due to its proximity, we decided to visit The Peak and Madame Tussaud’s first.

HK 2013 02

The ascent to The Peak isn’t easy…

HK 2013 04

…but worth it.

We also went to Tsim Sha Tsui via ferry. We stayed there the last time we were in Hong Kong (2010) and I sort of missed the place. I love looking at the harbor, particularly the Hong Kong skyline at night. I wish I could have taken lots of nice pictures but they always turn out blurry. (Blame the shaky hands.)

On our second day, we went to Ngong Ping 360, Disneyland and Citygate Outlets. These three are located in Tung Chung (if I remember correctly) so we decided to visit them in one go…which was a bad idea because we ended up sacrificing our trip to Disneyland by cutting our stay short just so we have enough time to shop at Citygate. I’m all for roaming around Disneyland but my friends preferred spending more time at the outlet stores. (It doesn’t come as a shock anymore, considering that I’m the youngest in the group.)

HK 2013 07

Mango and Sticky Rice at Honeymoon Dessert

HK 2013 08

The reason why I love Disneyland :)

On our third day, we took the 8 AM ferry to Macau. Honestly speaking, there isn’t much to see there unless you love gambling or looking at hotel interiors fascinate you. In our case, it was more of the latter. Upon going there, we had three goals in mind: 1) try an authentic egg tart, 2) watch the House of Dancing Waters at City of Dreams (I wrote a separate blog post about the experience here), and 3) see the Ruins of St. Paul. We were able to do all three in just one day. It was quite an achievement.

HK 2013 09HK 2013 11

HK 2013 12

We spent our last day at the Ocean Park. Funny story— while we were at the park, one of our friends got offended by something my other friends said during lunch. He gave everyone the silent treatment for the rest of the day. We honestly did not know how to react: should we be pissed or should we just laugh it off? Things got better before the day ended but not without consequence— it’s been two years since that incident happened and yet we never miss the opportunity to remind him how much of a sore loser he was. (As I’ve said, frenemies!)

HK 2013 13

The next day, we almost missed our flight back to the Philippines. My friends thought that we were just early because we were the only ones in the lounge but I felt that something was amiss. I kept looking at my boarding pass, trying to figure out what was wrong…and then it hit me. We were at the wrong gate!!! Turns out, the lounge we were in was just the waiting area for the buses that would take passengers to their boarding gates. We did not notice that there were buses going around, we simply dawdled! When we arrived at our boarding gate, the ground crew were already shouting at us for being tardy and telling us to hurry up! It was so embarrassing. Even the other passengers were giving snide comments and eyeing us warily when we passed by their seats.

I usually hate boo-boos and epic fails, but lately I’m starting to realize that mishaps are somehow harder to forget…and oddly enough, they make things more interesting. (Why is that?)

Throughout my trips I have come to learn that misadventures are better when experienced with good friends.


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