A Moment In Time

For the daily prompt entitled A Moment in Time, I have to post the latest photo that I took.

Unfortunately, the last one that I took was a photo of the wounds in my legs caused by the cold temperature in Japan. I am not sure if it counts as frost bite but I’d like to think that these wounds are simply a product of a combination of cold wind, dry skin, and friction.

Anyway, to spare you from the harrowing image of my wounded legs, I will just post the last photo I took during our flight going back to Manila.

Here it is:

Funky Town

The cover of the in-flight magazine captured my attention primarily due to its colour. (I do like bright colours.) It also serves as a maze of some sort where you have to find your way throughout the town (the magazine featured Kennedy Town in Hong Kong). However as much as I’d like to claim that I have some profound reason why I took a photo of this magazine cover, I’d rather stay honest so… yes, my nickname is Funky and I thought it was cute that the cover says Funky Town.

There, I said it.


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