Here Comes 26

I can’t believe I’m turning 26 in 5 days.

It seems only yesterday when I turned eighteen and it sure doesn’t feel like eight years have passed.

Here I am, closing another chapter and about to embark on a new one. Honestly, I’m panicking. In four years’ time I will be thirty already and what if I still haven’t done the things I wanted to do by then? What if my dreams never materialize? Considering how fast time flies, four years suddenly seem so close.

The thing is, I have no idea what I want to do. Despite being obsessive-compulsive most of the time, I find it hard to draw up a concrete plan on how I want my life to go. I only have this vague sense of where I want to be but I can’t come up with the specifics. I don’t have any plans yet other than the following:

1. Explore more places. I reward myself by traveling and I will continue doing that as long as I could.

2. Get promoted. Last year I had the chance to finally join the department that I have been wanting to be a part of for the longest time. I would like to improve and become an expert in my field.

3. I would like to get married and start my own family within the next four years. I really don’t want to wait until I’m thirty because I have PCOS and it may not be easy for me to conceive.

As you can see, these are more like dreams rather than plans. I can’t exactly control when I’ll get promoted or when I will get engaged, right? Well, let’s just hope that things go according to plan my dreams.


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