A Different Disneyland

I just realized I didn’t write much about our trip to Tokyo last May (in fact, I haven’t written anything in the past couple of months) so I decided to do it now before I get busy again. We will also be traveling to Osaka in January 2015 for my birthday so I consider this as psyching myself for the impending trip. I’m already excited as it is, just thinking about spending my special day in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Winter + Harry Potter = Gaaaaaah!!!! *twirls*

Tokyo has two Disneys: Disneyland and Disneysea. These two are located close to each other but based on our research, it would take one day to explore each park so we opted to go to DisneySea instead. For one, there’s already a Disneyland in Hong Kong so we wanted to see how different Disneysea was.

We weren’t disappointed. Disneysea has this European vibe to it which I loved.


We got to ride a gondola where we also passed under the Bridge of Sighs. Sadly, there were a bunch of people inside the gondola too but it’s considered an attraction so we just had to accept it.


As you can see, I wore my Gryffindor Quidditch Team hoodie and my Gryffindor scarf. So yeah, now I’m wondering what to wear in Universal Studios Osaka. (Maybe I will still wear that scarf for a Harry Potter vibe.)


Instead of the usual Disney castle, they had Ariel’s castle!


That’s Ariel and a statue of some mermaid-wannabe. LOL.

The park also has its own version of Agrabah! The place was amazing, totally different from the one in Hong Kong.




We didn’t get to experience a lot of rides because it was freezing cold and the place was packed with tourists. I could just imagine how much colder it would be in January!


I’m not a fan of Indiana Jones but I love this structure. I think it’s also great that there a bird was flying above it when I took this picture.



How cute is this kid??? Seriously. I couldn’t help but snap a pic.

This is it for now, hopefully I can write more often. I need a life!!!


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