Oh, the things you learn in life!

I didn’t spend the past month just dillydallying; in fact, I can say that I’ve been very productive.

Since I’ve been away from the internet and I basically don’t have much of a social life nowadays, I got to ponder on some things. So anyway, I’m going to share these so-called realizations here because…well, it’s my blog.

1. Life is like a rollercoaster ride. I know it’s cliché, but it’s the truth. One day you’re up there, and next thing you know, bam! You’re at the lowest point. You’ll never know what will happen, so it’s better that you have a plan in place. A fallback, so to speak, if all else fails.

2. It really makes a difference when you love what you do. In my past job, I arrive in the office at 8:30 AM and I get to leave at 5:00 PM. If truth be told, work doesn’t even start until 9:00 AM. After the bank closes for the day, I have nothing to worry about anymore. Now, I arrive between 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM and work starts ASAP. I can choose to leave by 5:30 PM but I choose to stay until 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM, sometimes even later. Sometimes, the case you’re working on stays in your mind even after you go home.

The thing is, my previous job exhausted me so much to the point that I knew I was already dragging myself to work every single day despite the fact that I only work for less than 7 hours. At present, there are times that I work for 12 hours. I always have deadlines to meet. I have to prepare statistics every morning, and everyone knows I hate numbers. One mistake and the Region will hound you. I have to do Quality Assurance checks on the files that my colleague submits to the Anti-Money Laundering Council. One mistake and it will cost the bank millions; or worse, its license to operate. But you know what? It doesn’t exhaust me as much as my previous job did. Sure, my brain cells are working overtime and it’s tiring. However, it never came to a point where I had to drag myself to work. I don’t feel like throwing up whenever I think of what I have to do at work.

I guess the saying is really true; do the job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Something like that.

3. I believe this image says it all:


You are your own person. You don’t have to monitor what the others are doing, or else you will lose track of your goals. It will only slow you down.

Instead of wasting your time and energy by pulling others down, why don’t you try to spend your energy climbing up? A little competition is good, but you shouldn’t let greed and envy poison your mind.

I am disappointed because I learned that one of my closest friends threw away her ethics down the drain just to pull me down (unsuccessfully, I might add). Is it my fault that I’m good with what I do? Everything that I have, I earned them. I work hard everyday to prove that I deserve to be recognized, that I deserve to be on top. I know that luck played a huge part, but I believe in my heart that I deserve all the things that were awarded to me. I didn’t slack off. I learned to be responsible. I tried my best.

I never treated my colleagues as competition. If they did well, then I’m happy for them. Why? Because they deserve it. They worked hard, so it’s just right that they get rewarded. Why can’t others adopt this way of thinking?

I know, I know. The world isn’t perfect. Humans are not perfect. However, it is not an excuse to betray a friend. It is NEVER an excuse to act shitty. It is a pathetic excuse.

God, I have so much to write. I am still angry and hurting, but what can I do? It is not good to dwell. I’ve done my part. I’ve been nothing but nice, and this is what I get? Negative things do not deserve to be dwelled upon.

I guess I just have to be on guard at all times. I have to cover my own ass from now on. And yes, I resolve to not trust anyone that easily.

4. Let loose and just have fun. Sometimes, you just have to let go of your inhibitions and worries to truly enjoy life.


Tell me what you think!

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