I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I wrote anything here. (So yeah, I’m just going to be a sissy and blame it on my new job which keeps me über-busy.)

Anyway, the truth is that I was so busy with life that I forgot I even have this blog. Things have been, well, I can’t say rough…but it was definitely challenging.

For some reason, I get sick every freakin’ week. My asthma has been making its presence felt more and more, I was even rushed to a nearby hospital to get treated. The root cause (most of the time) is mainly my allergies acting up. Is it because of the new environment? I don’t know.

Then there was the super typhoon that hit Metro Manila. Power was out for a few days; even the network signals went cray-cray, especially in my hometown. I was so worried, I couldn’t contact anyone from my family for more than 24 hours. Our town was severely affected by the typhoon, which rarely happens.

When I went home the weekend after the typhoon hit, I was dumbfounded. Trees, even the oldest and humongous ones, were uprooted. Roofs flew, electric posts fell down. The rainfall wasn’t much of a problem— it was the wind that did most of the damage.

We were lucky to have only minimal damage in our house; it was only the roof of our balcony that was peeled off, albeit not completely. My 10-year old dog Cholo almost died though. It shook me to the core. Somehow the dog house was damaged, and naturally my dad wasn’t able to save the dogs because it was too dangerous outside. As soon as the strong winds subsided, he rushed to the dog house only to find my dog unresponsive. He honestly thought Cholo was dead.

Fortunately, my Cholo is a fighter. He already cheated death before, and I’m so glad he did it again. I also realized that I don’t get to spend time with him anymore. It was a wake-up call for me.

So that was a recap of the past month. I hope I’ll be able to post more moving forward.


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