The Jinx

I don’t know what is it about me and exercising that everytime I try to do it (like really, seriously do it) there’s always something that would stop it from happening.

I’m serious. Most of the time, rain is my enemy. It would be very hot and sunny the whole day, but once I get off work, bam! The rain starts falling.

I always have this one constant companion, my good friend S, who would accompany me in my quest (exercise, and on rare occasions, diet). Sometimes we would just continue jogging (she jogs, I do brisk walking) even if it’s drizzling, you know, just to get it over with. There are times that another friend would join us, J. Together we planned to sign up in a nearby gym so that we can still exercise even if it rains. I was so looking forward to that.

Mais, here’s what happened. Late last year S got transferred to another department which meant that we had to postpone whatever exercise we had in mind. She wasn’t sure if she still had the time to go back to where I’m working just so we could jog. This left me with J, who was still with me. Then I got assigned to a special project last November, which meant that I will be away from J. Nearer S, but she still didn’t have the time.

When my special project ended, I thought things were going back to normal…but no. J welcomed me with the news that she’s pregnant so strenuous activities are definitely off the list. A month after, another news came: S resigned from work and that only means that we won’t be seeing each other that much anymore.

I know I shouldn’t rely on others. I mean, if I want to exercise then I can just do it on my own. However, I get bored easily. My mind has to be preoccupied while walking or exercising, or else I will get distracted from what I’m doing. Story of my life: You have to distract me to keep me from being distracted.

It’s a good thing that I discovered the joy of practicing yoga. My friends from work and I made it a weekly thing. It has become my exercise since then. That is, until I moved to a new department which means that I won’t be able to join our weekly yoga sessions anymore. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for this opportunity. At the back of my mind though, I’m like, ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME??? I FINALLY FOUND AN EXERCISE THAT I LOVE DOING, AND YOU’RE TAKING IT AWAY FROM ME?! God, life is indeed a bitch sometimes. You just can’t have everything. There is always, always, a catch.

It took a while before I decided that I will start jogging sans companion. Last Sunday, I finally bought a new pair of running shoes because the ones I often use are too tight already. So I packed my jogging stuff for Monday, and checked the weather forecast as well. No chance of rain. Great, I just couldn’t wait!

Monday came, it was sunny as predicted. I felt awesome. I left my bag on my desk and went to the pantry to eat the breakfast my boyfriend prepared. When I went back to my desk, something happened. I started sneezing like crazy— totally normal for something abnormal, because I’m used to this allergy attack. I knew it would be gone by lunch time.

The runny nose and sneezing did not disappear. It was awful. I was so embarrassed, I mean, why can’t I sneeze like a lady?! I took a no-drowse cold medicine…it didn’t work. Afternoon came and I got so frustrated because I wasn’t feeling well. I took my trusty Iterax (anti-histamine) but it only made me sleepy. I had reports to write, so I tried not to sleep. I swear I was so dizzy I thought I was going to collapse! Right then and there, I was already resigned to the fact that I won’t be able to jog that day.

I told myself that I will get well as soon as I fall asleep, then I’ll just jog the next day. It didn’t happen. My condition only worsened. I contracted a fever, my temperature won’t go down to the point that the boyfriend had to bring me to the hospital.

Long story short, the doctor told me that I have Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) and that I needed to rest for 2-3 days more. I have asthma so the slightest infection will cause me more health problems so I also had to take antibiotics. So there, I was on bed rest the whole week and frankly, I still don’t feel well. This being said, exercise is not in my list of things to do for the next couple of weeks or so, depending on how my lungs will cooperate.

Maybe I should just find a different activity?


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