I am still pissed with WordPress because of what happened with my supposedly recent post about Tokyo. All my efforts went down the drain because after waiting for more than an hour for the post to appear, it turned out that all that’s left was a freaking title!

It was past midnight already and I thought everything was okay because I kept getting notifications about people liking it, so I just proceeded to sleep. Imagine my surprise when le boyfriend informed me the next day that there was nothing in the post! I didn’t believe him at first…then I saw the horror that was my so-called blog entry.

The lengthy post plus gazillion adorable photos were gone. Argh. As much as I wanted to recreate that entry again, I cannot anymore. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing and now I don’t remember much about it. :(

So frustrating! The readers must have thought that my post was some kind of experiment or something.


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