Outside The Comfort Zone

I did it.

After five years and ten months in the department where I started working, I finally had the opportunity (and courage) to leave. I had two options: to stay or to go…obviously, I chose the latter.

So today marks the fifth day of my stay in the new environment I’m in. As of today, I haven’t quit nor have I complained that I don’t like it here, contrary to what others expect.

Of course I miss my old office especially my friends from there. I miss the noise and chaos. Most of all I miss the conversation and the laughter.

The truth is, sooner all later we will all have to leave. Things change, people change, our priorities change.

I do get lonely. I constantly seek people who I can talk to, or things to keep me busy. I am lonely, but I will not quit. Whatever loneliness I am feeling, the urge to prove myself is greater— and that’s what is important.

I know people are thinking that I didn’t make the right choice, that I only subjected myself to more work and stress. They say that choosing this job means choosing longer hours, tight schedules, constant pressure. I am determined to prove everyone wrong. I want to prove that I can do this, that I will survive no matter how great the obstacles are.

Wow, speech? Haha.


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