Yes or No


Remember my previous post about signs?

Well, in an interesting turn of events, Human Resources called me last Monday and informed me that I passed the job interview for a certain position in my dream department. I sent my application two or three months ago, and only now did I receive a call. I already accepted the fact that I didn’t get in, but lo and behold, someone calls me out of the blue to tell me otherwise.

Here I thought I saw the sign, but apparently, the universe gives us mixed signals sometimes.

I’ve been confused these past couple of days. Which one should I choose? What my heart feels, or what my mind tells me? This is a battle between passion and practicality. Learning vs Progress. Dream vs Ambition. Either way, I will be taking in a huge responsibility. I just have to decide which is worth the time and effort.

Earlier today (or yesterday, rather), I finally made up my mind.

Position X may entail long hours of work, but I know I will learn a lot. It may be a lateral movement, but I know that if I continue doing what I’m currently doing, then I will get that upgrade in due time. I just have to prove myself.

The upgrade and incentives that go with choosing Position Y may be tempting, but I know myself…and honestly speaking, it’s not for me. This whole sales thing isn’t me, and it would be unfair for me to get something that I think I don’t deserve.

So there. Wish me luck. I know I will have to disappoint some— people who have been there for me these past few years, people who have given me so much faith and confidence— and I will feel bad about it.

Howevee, this is life. It goes on. There are times that we need to get out of our comfort zone to achieve our dreams.


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