Turning Japanese

Pardon that cliché of a title, but I just can’t think of anything right now. (I’m on vacation so my brain cells are also out of commission.)

Anyway, I just want to share a recent development: the boyfriend and I will be flying to Tokyo in two weeks!

It was sort of unplanned, given that the initial schedule was November. However, we applied for our visas early, and apparently we have to use it or else we will have a hard time applying for one next time. So lo and behold, we found ourselves booking the cheapest flight we can find (which isn’t really cheap, it’s still US$405.60/pax).

We haven’t found a hotel yet, as all the ones we have looked into so far are either fully booked or expensive.

I’m so excited for this trip! The last trip I had with my boyfriend was on April last year, the one where we went backpacking around Indochina. He went to Singapore alone last November while I went there with friends last January.

It will also be my first time in Japan. I wanted to go to Hokkaido for the snow, but that can wait. We intend to go back in January next year.

Gaaah, I can’t explain that euphoric feeling of knowing that I will be soon exploring another uncharted territory. I’ve been itching to wander for months, I really can’t get enough! If only I had unlimited leaves (and funds), I would be out of the country every month!


2 thoughts on “Turning Japanese

  1. ComaDiary says:

    I have never been to Japan, but I have friends that have and they all found it so interesting, I look forward to hearing about your adventures, have an awesome time!

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