Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile

Finally, another Daily Prompt!

What do I do whenever I feel blah? Hmm. Easy. I talk to my boyfriend. No, seriously. That’s what I do, and that alone makes me happy.

There really are times that I get stressed out with work and other personal problems, but I figured that no matter how heavy your burden is, it always gets lighter when you let it out. (But not too much, or else you will come across as a very negative person who hates the world.)

Take today, for example.

I was given this huge responsibility at the office, and basically I have to woman up if I want to make this work. I have to be fair and just, I must not let others bully me.

It’s only day one, and yet it’s already taking its toll on me. Why? Because I also value relationships. I know some people might hate me if I don’t tolerate their shenanigans, but I have to put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

I’m just so lucky that at the end of the day, I get to go home to a peaceful and quiet environment. I can talk to someone who’s objective and unbiased. (Trust me: eventhough he’s my boyfriend, he doesn’t think twice about telling me if I’m in the wrong.) Someone who will never turn his back on me— someone who will be happy for me when I succeed, and who will continue to push me to work harder if I feel that I’m not performing so well.

Oh, and we also eat yummy food. If all else fails, eat! :)


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