My Happiness Project – Day 06: Finding My Inner Peace

I don’t have photos to show today, but I want to write about my newfound hobby-slash-exercise: Yoga.

Tonight, I attended my third session and I’m proud of my progress so far. (I can now stretch my limbs farther!) To tell you the truth though, if my body could talk, it would have shouted a thousand obscenities at me already. I don’t think there’s a part of my body that isn’t sore. But that’s where the good part lies.

I feel good because I sweat a lot during Yoga, and this gives me a sense of relief in a way because I need to stop my sedentary lifestyle. For every throb of muscle, I know that it means that I did something right and that puts my mind at ease— at least I’m not tiring my ass for nothing.

But do you know what makes me the happiest and proudest?

It’s the fact that I never gave up. Each session was gruesome, especially for someone like me who isn’t very healthy and flexible. You won’t believe how many times I keep telling myself “I can’t do this anymore” everytime I feel pain in those poses they make us do. And yet, I still manage to push through every single time.

Strength of the mind > Strength of the body


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