My Happiness Project – Day 05: Sweet Escape

I am ashamed of myself for semi-abandoning my blog again.

But life happens. I’ve been busy with work and my social life, as well as my antisocial life a.k.a. sitting in one corner with my face buried in a book (or tablet, in my case).

I may have been busy, but that doesn’t mean that I already forgot abour my Happy Days challenge. No, I did not. Though honestly, documenting my everyday life was a failure. My memory is just hopeless.

Anyway, let me share with you a photo taken two Sundays ago.


                 Dessert: Always the best part

The boyfriend and I went out for lunch, which is rare because I often stay in the province during weekends. It just so happened that we attended a baptism the day before, so I decided to just stay in Manila the whole weekend.

Aside from traveling, we also bond through food; hence my motto: Eat well, travel often.

We have this tradition where we eat in buffet-style hotel restaurants everytime there’s a special occasion. Last Sunday was different though, we just ate there just because we wanted to. (And also, my company previously awarded me gift certificates to spend in the hotel.)

But that’s beside the point. Free or not, one should never forget to treat himself/herself once in a while. To hell with stress! I’m all for experiencing the finer things in life.


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