I have been on a roll last week when it comes to updating my blog. I was glad, proud even. And then BAM! I suddenly fell off the face of the earth.

If there is a downside to being a bookworm, then this is it. Whenever I get too engrossed in reading, I forget everything else. I retreat to my own personal bubble.

Blame uTorrent. I am not really techie, but when I discovered how to download torrents…I just couldn’t stop. My eBook shelf is too crowded now!

But here’s the thing. I can’t find the one. That one book that’s good enough (and original enough) to leave a mark on me.

I tried reading Gabriel’s Inferno, but I got bored. I downloaded all three books but I ended up deleting them. I finished the first one and never started the next. Then there’s Inescapable which apparently has five installments, I think. I’m not quite sure if the fourth book is still related to the first three— there’s just too much going on. I liked the first book, though I must say that it’s a bit too Twilight for my taste. I started the second installment entitled Intuition the other night, but the characters are starting to get in my nerves.

I love Reed. I know it’s such a cliché but I’m a sucker for characters like him. Anyway, I’m starting to hate the protagonist whose name is Evie. She’s stubborn, and she wants to save everybody. I guess there’s nothing really wrong with that, but what ticks me off the most is that she already has Reed but somehow she still gets tangled up with three other men. It’s complicated. I loathe complicated.

Then there’s this Russell who’s supposed to be a country boy. But seriously, it’s over the top. He uses “y’all” whenever he talks to a person. A single person. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t y’all mean “you all” meaning, it’s used when talking to a group of people?

Plus, I see spelling errors. Like, the author used duel instead of dual. Stuff like that.

So anyway, I stopped reading the second book last night because reading in Russell’s POV made my head ache. Then there’s Evie’s idea of running away from her boyfriend so she can protect him. I think it’s bullshit. But then, it’s just my opinion.

Should I continue reading it? I want to, only because I want to see Reed happy.

Maybe I should just abandon these eBooks for now and focus on the book that my boyfriend lent me. I think The Lost Symbol is interesting, I just find it inconvenient to bring the thick book along with me wherever I go.


Tell me what you think!

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