My Happiness Project – Day 04: Wedding Bells

Among all the weddings that I have been to, this by far has been my most favorite.

It was a very intimate wedding with only around 50 guests. The fact that the ceremony was held in a secluded place on a weekday contributed to the number of guests present, but that’s okay. It was still a success nonetheless. If truth be told, I want my own wedding to be like that.


The majestic view from the yard where the wedding party was held— I used the camera of my Xperia Z1, no filter. Yes, the scene is really that breathtaking.

Sure, there were lots of boo-boos. We were late thereby making two of the bridesmaids late, the church commentator forgot his line in the middle of the wedding rites, the maid of honor disappeared when she was needed— but everything still fell into place.

What I appreciate most is the fact that they got married because they wanted to, and not just because they feel pressured by the people surrounding them. They got married because they love each other (and us, her friends, can attest to that), and they wanted to take it to the next level. They got married for themselves and not for others.

For me, the success of the wedding ceremony (and marriage, in general) isn’t proportional to how much you spend for it, or how impressed your guests are.

It’s all about the couple, how much love they have. You can see it in the littlest of things— like in how they look at each other, full of love and respect. How they speak and touch, always thinking of the other in every move and decision they make.

When times are hard, you don’t look back at how expensive your wedding was. You don’t say, “Let us not separate because we spent so much in our wedding, and everything will go to waste!” You look back at the memories: that first kiss as husband and wife, or how you felt when you were called Mr & Mrs for the first time.

Just remember that moment for the rest of your life, and you’re all set.

You make good memories so that you have something to hold on to when things go bad.


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