My Happiness Project – Day 01: Child’s Play

Remember when I wrote about my failure to pursue the 100 Happy Days challenge? I said I will try doing it again without submitting or posting the photos to the official site, but I will share some here whenever I have the chance. I actually fulfilled this objective, but I thought of something better.

I was lounging around the other day and I suddenly asked myself, why do it in just 100 days? Why not do it as long as I can? Why don’t I take it to the next level? Why not make it a habit?

By some coincidence, the homily from my friend’s wedding yesterday was about making good memories. (It’s been a long time since I last heard mass, but for the first time in years, I encountered a priest who didn’t sound too preachy for my taste.) Anyway, his homily goes like this: There are 365 days in a year. Just one happy memory per day will give us 365 good memories after a year, and if you will do the math, that will be more or less 3650 good memories after ten years. Take note of at least one good memory per day, and it will outweigh the bad memories that will come your way. Focus on the good, and the bad vibes will go away.

Because of this epiphany that I had, I decided to make this a habit. I have always looked at the positive side of things, but I think it will be a good practice to take note of the things (no matter how small) that make you smile every single day.

So anyway, here’s my first photo (taken last Saturday):


Meet Liam, my nephew. (The kid, not the T-Rex.)

He was goofing around when I took this photo from my phone (with AR effect, where the camera incorporates 3D animation to the photo for a more realistic background). Liam’s reaction was priceless! He had no idea that his aunt was making a T-Rex run after him, but for some reason, he posed like this. Just perfect.

We also spent the night eating Speculoos ice cream. I love this candid photo of us, taken by my sister:

Bonding with him, no matter how tiring, is always fun. Totally worth the exhaustion.


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