100 Happy Days

I first heard about this initiative a week ago from a friend. (Technically, I just read it from a Twitter post..but anyway, same banana.) The premise seems attractive: everyday you take a photo of something that made you happy and post it via the platform of your choice with the famous #hashtag. If you’re a private person, you can send the photo directly to their e-mail address. I chose the latter.

Choosing the e-mail platform was a wrong move on my part. As much as I want to submit a photo everyday, my busy schedule got in the way. I lasted only two days after I started, which sucks. Another factor, I guess, is my dismal memory.

The first photo I submitted was that of a laptop with the movie Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone playing. You could also see my boyfriend’s reflection on the screen, so I put the caption: Spending the night with my two loves— my boyfriend and Harry Potter. (Unfortunately, I don’t have the photo in my phone anymore.)

The second one was a photo of the dance floor at Buddha Bar. I attended a work-related event the other night and I had tons of fun just letting loose. I captioned it: Work-life Balance.

That was the last photo that I submitted. I forgot to send one last Friday, then I was busy the whole Saturday. I was rushed to the ER of a nearby hospital Sunday morning due to an allergic reaction caused by my asthma. Today, I am on bed rest and I’m thinking of starting over again…but how do I do that?

A friend’s (a bit cynical, but on point) question suddenly came to mind: What if in the middle of the 100 happy days challenge, I had a crappy day? Do I pretend that I’m happy just for the sake of completing the challenge?

It’s something to ponder on, but here’s my take: You have to do the challenge for yourself, and not for anyone else. If you had a crappy day, then you have to find happiness even in the simplest and littlest things around you. The purpose of the challenge is to promote positivity, and that’s what you should do. Find something that makes you happy every single day. Focus on the good.

With this being said, I will continue this initiative on my own. I may not submit via e-mail anymore, but I will post the photos here from time to time. After all, I’m not doing it for the organizers. I’m doing it for myself.


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