Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Oh, the controversial selfie.

Many despise the act, but a lot of people still do it. It has already become a part of popular culture, and yet I don’t even know who coined the term selfie. What’s wrong with using the proper term for it, which is selca?

Anyway, in my case, I have a confession to make: I just realized that I take a lot of selfies. (The horror!)

No, it’s not what you think. I do take selfies even though people who take selfies make me cringe. Confused? I am too, but I guess it’s imperative to focus on the why.

I mean, why are you doing it? What’s the reason behind the selfie that you’re itching to take?

If you’re doing it because you think you’re so pretty and you just can’t get over yourself, and that you deserve to take a photo of every blink you make, then that’s what irks me the most. Until now, I still don’t get the logic behind taking a selfie while obviously sitting on the toilet. Like, what, are you constipated so you got bored and took selfies instead?

And don’t even get me started about those people who take a selfie then superimpose an emo quote totally unrelated to the photo. Major pet peeve.

So anyway, why do I take selfies?

I take selfies only under these circumstances: 1) I’m too lazy to find my mirror, so I’ll take a photo of myself instead BUT I delete the photo afterwards; 2) I found a good scenery but no one is available to take my photo for me; and 3) I’m with someone special and there’s no one else available to take our photo for us.

And even if I take these selfies, I rarely post them in social media sites, except for travel selfies.

Now, when I said earlier that I take a lot of selfies, they all fall under the circumstances I cited above. Most of them are travel selfies, which I’m pretty much proud of.

My first winter (Nami Island, South Korea)


My first time in Macau


My first sand dune experience (Mui Ne, Vietnam)


The happiest place on earth! (Disneyland)


The paradise that is Phan Tiet (Vietnam)


So did Angelina Jolie really set foot here? I dieeeee. (Siem Reap, Cambodia)


A selfie showing the beauty of what was in front of me (Angkor Wat)


Majestic temple in Bangkok


A unique restroom, also in Bangkok


And one of my personal favorites: sneaking a selfie with Cookie Monster (Universal Studios, Singapore)


Selfies schmelfies.

I rarely take selfies, but when I do, I make sure that there’s something special in the background or something monumental is taking place.


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