After-effect of Catching Fire

I should’ve read the book again.

Not because the movie was bad. It wasn’t. It was actually as close to the story as possible. However, I wasn’t able to connect to it that much. I expected a certain kind of intensity, which unfortunately, I didn’t get to see. But I guess, part of the problem was me.

Books are always better than their movie adaptations, that’s a given. I should know better than focus on the story. I have this annoying tendency to get technical, if not critical. I made this mistake a number of times before, and it cost me time and money— because I had to rewatch the movie in order to actually enjoy it.

Now I fully understand that movies are not meant to play out the exact story for us, but rather, to give us a visual of the story that we fell in love with. Of course there are times that the movie turns out different from what we have imagined for years. Still, it’s always exciting to finally see your favorite characters in action. There are no limits when it comes to our imagination, but sadly, this is not the case when it comes to the actual production.

It’s not too late though. I think I’ll reread the book again while the memory is still fresh.


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