24 Hours in Kuala Lumpur

I think we only stayed in Kuala Lumpur for 24 hours or less, but it did not stop us from roaming around and getting a glimpse of the city.

At first it seemed impossible, it was already dark when we reached the hotel and we had no idea how to get to Petronas or Menara. We were exhausted from walking and searching for the hotel, but you know what? Sometimes getting lost is a good thing.

First order of business: DINNER!

My friends wanted to try something authentic for dinner (much to my dislike because I hate spicy food), but I gave in anyway. I ordered Nasi Jelamit, which I so fondly call Nasi Jellybean. It was so good, mainly because it wasn’t spicy. It was a bit sweet, ergo I loved it.

I hate to admit that my boyfriend nags me to death about not trying anything new… and more often than not, he’s right. I always avoid eating food that is unfamiliar to me, and when I do, I always end up loving it. Story of my life.

Nasi Jelamit

Getting Lost in the City

It’s refreshing to stumble into something unexpected while roaming around the city. I forgot what we were looking for, but we found something else. It was a square surrounded by a mosque (?) which was beautifully lit. We also had a view of the KL skyline (a part of it, at least).

Since we were already exhausted as it is, we stayed there and made the most out of our discovery.

The Petronas Twin Towers

The first thing we did in the morning was to go to the actual Petronas Tower to have a better view. (And better pictures!)

It was hard capturing the tower in one frame so we had to try various positions just to get one decent photo.


This is a long overdue post (we were in KL last April) and I was supposed to publish this last weekend but the internet had to go and ruin everything. Good thing I was able to save the entry that I’ve been working on, though unfortunately, I have already forgotten what I was about to write next.

My train of thought has been derailed and I can’t do anything about it, as much as I want to. :(


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