Fickle Human Being

This is an almost blog entry. I think.

Short or not, however, this may still be considered a blog entry.

Anyway, I’m talking about being able to write an entry using an actual computer after months and months of using my WordPress mobile app.

I was about to log on to my profile, when BAM! The computer just crashed. It pains me (a bit) to admit that it’s so much better, not to mention more convenient, to use a bigger device. Here goes the regret of selling my laptop. Here goes the tut, tut.

Why do we always realize the worth of something only when it’s gone?

I thought I didn’t need it back then. In fact, I thought I needed the money more than I needed a gadget. No, scratch that. I knew I needed money more than the perks of technology. I mean, rarely used the laptop. Surfing the web, social networks, blogging— I could do these things by using my iPhone.

And now that I fully understand what investment means, I just want to hit my head with a hammer. Not literally though.

I crave the convenience of a laptop. My iPhone has become too small for my poor sight.

But then I think, maybe I just want one because I don’t have one?

Oh, human emotions. Too fickle.


2 thoughts on “Fickle Human Being

  1. fragmentedworld says:

    I understand your frustration! I have been without my computer for weeks and have resorted to the phone blogging/rage-tapping for posts. It has not been a smooth few weeks. Thankfully I get mine back on Thursday.

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