Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

Ta Prohm

This photo was taken last April during our visit to Ta Prohm in Siem Reap, Cambodia. (This is where my spirit animal, Angelina Jolie, shot the film Tomb Raider.)

At first, I was having second thoughts about posting this photo. Is it unusual enough? I didn’t think it was that unusual. It just stood out from the rest. But then, I remember my mother asking me once, “How come you only took photos of huge rocks?” She saw the set of photos that I uploaded in Facebook, and she wasn’t all that happy when she only saw piles and piles of rocks.

Some people think that we should only take photos of people and beautiful scenery (with people in it), like my mother. Most people want to capture beauty instead of strange, neatness of chaos. Well, this photo is different.

I wanted to capture the chaos, the result of natural wear and tear that comes with age. These rocks withstood thousands of years of rain, shine, quakes, and wars, yet the whole structure is still standing strong. The roots of the trees have grown so much, to the point that most of them grew on top of the temple, inside the temple, and between the walls. There’s something gratifying in seeing something as unique as this.

For me, its age, organized chaos, and history are the factors that make Ta Prohm beautiful.


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