Here We Go Again

….these four words are all I have right now.

Not really. But it’s a good start.

And speaking of start…how the hell do I start? My mind is buzzing with words that I cannot seem to articulate properly. My thoughts are all over the place, a result of frustration bordering on despair. (Maybe.)

First off, let me tell you how it is right now. It’s been raining hard since Saturday due to the combination of Typhoon Maring and habagat A.K.A southwest monsoon (?).

The rain just keeps on pouring non-stop, to the point that 80% of Manila had been submerged in flood water already. Some families were even forced to stay in the rooftop of their respective houses just so they will be safe. All classes are suspended since yesterday, including government offices and private companies. I work in a bank, and you know that the situation is bad when the bank is willing to not operate for two consecutive days for its employees’ safety.

To the Filipinos who are reading this, you have seen this in the news since weekend. To those who reside abroad, I am not kidding. I myself find it hard to believe that this is possible, but it is the truth. How it’s possible to have floodwater high enough to submerge a person with average height, I have no idea. How it’s possible to experience such calamity every single time there’s typhoon, I really don’t know anymore.

Or maybe I know. We all know. We just accepted it as reality, a way of life. That’s how Filipinos are— most of us are too happy-go-lucky for our own good. Something like this happens, we find a way to make a joke out of it. We tend to laugh our worries away. I know that it somehow may be considered a good thing, but must we do this all the time?

Yesterday, thirty tons of garbage were recovered in Roxas Blvd near Manila Bay. And it wasn’t even afternoon yet when I saw this in the news. Imagine, thirty tons— and that’s from that specific area alone.

Corrupt government + people who lack discipline = CHAOS

Recently there had been news about corruption in the Senate and Congress, how they use NGOs to launder money. They donate funds to these NGOs for supposed projects, but in reality these projects are non-existent. Heck, even some of these NGOs are non-existent, they are simply dummy corporations. Some legislators and lawmakers are brave (or stupid?) enough to put funds in foundations that are named after their ancestors, or those organizations where they hold the majority of stocks.

And we’re talking about billions of pesos here. Not millions. Freaking billions.

Billions that could’ve been used to improve this country’s infrastructures. Or say, the transportation system. Perhaps these funds could’ve been used to provide better homes or livelihood to informal settlers who are both the cause (part of) and the victims of flooding. How about the health system? Education? These areas need improvement. But instead, what? These billions are used to fund the lavish lifestyles of the politicians and those involved in these scams. No wonder there are a lot of political dynasties out there. They wouldn’t want to miss out on the profit, right?

Here we go again. Pinpointing those involved. Most of them are part of political dynasties. Their motives are common knowledge, and yet these assholes keep on winning.

We always say that we want change. But are we doing something to make it possible?

Sigh. Here I go again. I think I have bipolar tendencies. Most of the time I’m apathetic, but sometimes I can be a tad too idealistic. Oh well. Let’s just hope for the better, I guess. I wish that this storm will pass, literally and figuratively.


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