Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

I’m not sure how to treat today’s Daily Prompt. It seems so easy but hard at the same time…for me, at least. I have never been comfortable whenever I am asked to describe myself simply because there’s always that risk of being misinterpreted by those around you.

Now, even though the theme doesn’t exactly ask me to describe myself, it still requires me to look at myself in a third person point of view.

I guess I’ll just take this as a challenge.

What does every element in my blog tell about me?

Feminine, neat, simple. All the blog themes and designs that I have chosen ever since I started blogging contain these characteristics. And somehow it also translates to who I am and what I like— I consider myself neat and simple. I believe that less is more. My friends back in college describe me as cool, calm, and collected. I rarely get frazzled by stress, I keep my cool most of the time.

I couldn’t think of a blog title more perfect than Tangled Up In Daydreams because it really suits my personality— I have lots of dreams (and daydreams), my imagination is wide, and I am constantly searching for adventure.

Regarding the content of this blog, I rarely write just for the sake of writing. I make sure that I write about the things I love and issues that I feel strongly about. Traveling and books are my most common topics, and I will never get tired of writing about these things.

More importantly, I don’t write to be noticed. I write to express myself, and this says a lot about who I am.


Tell me what you think!

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