A few days ago, I was so excited to finally read the third installment of the Thoughtless series. I’ve been waiting for it since it came out earlier this year but I was hesitant to buy the book. I mean, what if it isn’t that good? It’d be like throwing my money down the drain. Good thing I was able to find an ebook version with the complete story. And so, I downloaded it immediately.

I liked Thoughtless even though I hated Kiera. I am totally opposed to cheating, especially if it’s the girl who did it— mainly because I’m a girl and it is against my moral standards. I mean, how could you sleep with two guys under one roof? It’s not right in general, regardless if you’re male or female.

Just like all the woman-dom (haha) out there who read the series, I love love love Kellan. It took me a while before I finished the book, a very rare occurrence for me. In the end, I told myself that perhaps something good will happen eventually, and so I tried to finish the book. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Effortless was even better in my opinion. Kiera and Kellan’s relationship was better albeit the trust issues. They managed to maintain their relationship despite the challenges.

Reckless...well, it’s hard for me to speak ill of something that I once loved. I mean, Kellan was still adorable and both he and Kiera have matured. But there was too much complicated going on. I swear I was so stressed out, I skipped the chapters in the middle and went straight to the last two chapters just to see how things ended.

I guess it’s just me being allergic to complicated plots, especially when it comes to love. Sometimes I can be too idealistic, but I can’t really tolerate antagonists! Seriously. (This is also the reason why I rarely finish TV series.)

All in all, it was an okay book for me. There were parts that made me smile and those that made me giggle, and I guess that’s what matters most for me.

Oh well. On to the next book then! :)


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