The Spectacular Now

Remember when I asked for book suggestions?

Anyway, I received a number of recommendations and so I’m preparing to get some of the books they mentioned. Yes, I finally have time to spare. (Yay!)

Earlier this week I finished The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp (such a tongue twister). I started reading it around two weeks ago but only when I was stuck at home due to illness did I manage to actually focus on reading it. And so I did, I finished it in less than three days.

So now, the moment of truth.

Did I like it? Well, I liked it enough to finish it. If you ask me if I loved it however, then the answer is no, not really.

Perhaps it’s just me and my taste in books. I also think that my values have an effect in how I view things. The Spectacular Now was well written, no doubt about that. It’s just that, I didn’t like the fact that he was an alcoholic and how he acted.

Also, I have this habit of comparing books that I’m currently reading with those that I have read in the past. I am always searching for a book that has the power to grab your heart and squeeze it (okay that was a bit gory).

There are books that are spectacular now, but there will always be books that will stay in your heart forever, that even after months and years, you still get butterflies in the tummy whenever you hear anything related to them.

Aw, just like true love.


2 thoughts on “The Spectacular Now

  1. 23missb says:

    Thank you for mentioning this book, I hadn’t heard of it, but I like to read a lot about addiction (both fiction and non-fiction) for a number of reasons, so I will definitely pick this up.

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