Keep Calm and Travel On

I have a huge problem. My passport is expiring in March 2014— this means that I won’t be able to travel starting September this year.

Oh man, I have to find time to renew or else I will have no choice but to stay put. Regular day or not, wherever I am, I have a problem with staying put. For some reason, I. Just. Can’t. Sit. Still. Or stand.

The first half of this year had been a blast. I’ve been everywhere in just a span of seven months. Am I selfish for wanting more? For craving another adventure?

But we only live once, and we are only young once. Shouldn’t we enjoy life while we still can? Some may think that I’m making excuses for myself, but can you really blame me?

I live for the thrill that traveling gives me, that satisfying feeling whenever I set foot in a foreign land. I swear I will continue seeking adventure as long as I am alive and capable.

PS: I’ve been composing this entry since morning, it is only now that I got to finish it. So yes, forgive me if it ended abruptly. I already forgot what I was about to say. Hahaha. Typical Erika.


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