Five Years Worth

Yesterday, I celebrated my fifth year as an employee of ****. That quick?

Looking back, I realized that I have grown so much these past few years. From the baby of the team, I have become one of the seniors…at the tender age of 24. How weird is that?

I can still remember the day when I had my entrance exam, I was so nervous when they called to inform me about my exam results. Happiness flooded me when they told me that I passed. The competitive side of me felt very proud.

I can still recall how my interview went. I was supposed to be assigned in a different department, but it’s a good thing that I told the interviewer what I want, as honest as I could. I remember the traumatizing commute going home. I waited for a cab for two hours under the falling rain.

Oh, I also remember telling the interviewer that I intend to stay for 2 years only. Yeah right.

I remember my first day at work. Everyone was shocked when they found out that I was only 19. This served as an encouragement for me to work hard, to prove myself. I had a hard time adjusting, simply because I was still a teenager and everyone else was…well, they were all grown-ups.

Five years have passed, and I’m still here. After four positions and three promotions, I’m standing strong. I have witnessed colleagues and clients come and go. Sometimes I wonder until when I’ll be staying. It’s hard to think of leaving, considering the time and effort that I’ve spent. And the memories. Five years worth of memories.

Now I understand why others keep on saying that they are going to resign, but it takes them a couple more years before they act on it.

All firsts are special, after all.


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