Daily Prompt: Morality Play

MORALITY— My, my, what an interesting topic!

During my growing up years, my parents have played a huge role in the development of my sense of morality.

My mom, being a devout Catholic, taught my sister and I how to pray, to go to church regularly, all those stuff that catholics do. But then, people often get confused between religion and morality— and this is what my dad taught us.

Unlike my mom, my dad rarely goes to church. He is a Catholic, yes, but not the type that you would see praying or preaching about God. He has this belief that as long as you do good to others, as long as you never purposely hurt anyone, then it’s all that matters. And I strongly agree.

Between my mom and dad, the latter has the most influence in my belief. I guess my college education also contributed to this thinking. You see, all my life, I studied in Catholic schools; but even though I studied in a Catholic university back in college, they encouraged us to challenge our beliefs. They do not impose one religion, in fact, most of our Philosophy professors do not believe in it.

Me, I believe in the Supreme Being, but I do not believe in the institutionalization of religion. Of course, just like most of us regardless of religion, I am not in favor of theft, fabrication of lies, cheating, polygamy, and violence. As far as morality goes, I have strayed here and there, but I always keep in mind that as long as I do not inflict pain on other people and as long as I have not destroyed any lives, then my conscience is clear. As long as I treat other people with kindness, and I respect those around me, then I will continue doing what I’ve been doing for the past 24 years.

Have I been brainwashed? No, not really. I have adopted this thinking mainly because I have seen “religious” men and women who think they are better than everyone else, I have seen people fight in the guise of their “religion” (We only have one God, why would we even insist that your God is better than everyone else’s God?), I have seen “religious” people condemn those who “do not act in accordance to the bible” (Who are we to judge others just because they are different?). Oh, and FYI, religion shouldn’t be used as a tool for politics. Have some respect, you selfish politicians you!

My mom sometimes get offended whenever I become vocal with what I think about religion and the hypocrisy that is prevalent in the institution, so I just keep quiet most of the time. To each his own, I guess. We were raised in two different generations and environment, hence the conflicting views, but I respect her beliefs…just as she respects mine.

If only people would be a little more open-minded and respectful, what a wonderful world this would be. Don’t you think?


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