Warning: This is a RANT

Last Monday, I was writing a rant about how incompetent our government is. It’s been raining non-stop these past few days and it’s just so frustrating that even the littlest rainfall can cause so much traffic and flooding in some areas. I got stuck in traffic for two hours on my way home, a journey that could’ve taken about 15-20 minutes during non-peak hours. Then when I got home, I got locked out of my own unit, thanks to my freakin memory gap. I ended up staying over my boyfriend’s apartment instead.

I don’t understand why this long-standing issue has never been solved. (The flooding, I mean. Not my memory gap.)

What happened to the billions of budget? The pork barrel? The 32% tax they deduct from me and my colleagues? And from all the workers out there?

Plus, our transportation system sucks.

You can’t ride the MRT without getting squished by other passengers who act as if the trains will run out. People would push you, elbow you, bump you. Some would even fight with each other. Major problem: Lack of discipline on the commuters’ end.

Then the buses. Oh my goodness. Always the nausea. The bus drivers in Manila are the worst. They lack discipline, they would race other bus drivers, they do not care if they bump into other buses as long as they get the passengers first. And speaking of which, they do not know when enough is enough! The bus conductors try to squeeze in as much passengers as they can inside the bus, they would say that there’s still space inside, but once you’re there you will realize that this “space” means the aisle.

Next: The cabs. It really, really, really gets on my nerves whenever cab drivers get choosy. Especially when it’s raining. I really don’t get why they keep on rejecting people, as if we won’t be paying for our fares? Who cares if it’s traffic? It’s not like the meter isn’t moving when the cab isn’t moving, right?

Sample case:
One night, my boyfriend and I were trying to hail a cab from Global City to Pasig, which would only take 10-30 mins travel time depending on the traffic.

One cab stopped in front of us.

Driver: “Saan kayo?” (Where to?)
BF: “Sa Kapitolyo lang po.” (To Kapitolyo.)
Driver: “Naku traffic sa C5, hindi gumagalaw.” (It’s traffic in C5, the vehicles are not moving.)
BF: “Edi sa EDSA na lang.” (Then let’s pass by EDSA instead.)
Driver: “Naku traffic din sa EDSA hindi gumagalaw.” (It’s also traffic in EDSA, the vehicles are not moving.)

Mr. Cab Driver, here are my thoughts:

1. There are only two roads that lead to our destination, and these two are the same roads that lead to where we were at the time. If ALL vehicles are not moving in both roads, where the hell did you come from? Did you fly? Is there some secret road that we don’t know? And how do you even know the traffic situation, when you’re here and not there? Are you psychic?

2. A lot of you were complaining about not being able to raise enough money for boundary fee, hence the increase in the flag down rate a couple of years ago. How will you be able to earn enough money if you’re just going to slack off? If you keep on rejecting almost every passenger? No offense but, if you really need that money, you have no right to be choosy. This applies to everyone, regardless of social status. No work is easy, that’s why it’s called WORK. You have to PERSEVERE for you to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I’m having second thoughts whether I should continue posting this because there are lots of haters out there with false sense of nationalism. I might get bashed for telling the truth. I’ve seen it happen to those who stepped forward and did the same. Unfortunately there’s just this mentality that goes like, “If you don’t like it here, then leave!”

But it’s been a hard couple of weeks, with all the heavy rain and the work load, and it’s just so exhausting. I’m sick and tired of all this crap.


Tell me what you think!

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