Two Weeks

Only two weeks to go before our Hong Kong trip and I haven’t started packing yet. Now, if you know me, this is a clear source of panic because I’m an early packer. I usually pack at least a month before an out-of-the-country trip because I’m OC like that.

The major reason for this is because I still haven’t given my laundry to the laundromat yet, ever since I got back from our recent trip to neighboring Southeast Asian countries. I told you, my life is quite a mess recently. I haven’t got time for anything else other than my normal daily routine.

Perhaps when I finally get assigned to my new job, then I’ll get that extra time for all my shenanigans.

Anyway, we already have a hotel: Mini Hotel, the one where my friends and I stayed earlier this year. We got a discount, but the reservation is non-refundable.

That’s why I was in such a state of panic and hostility yesterday when I received an e-mail from Air Asia saying that our flight has been cancelled and will be moved to the next available flight. It would’ve been okay if the next available flight will be at the same day, but no. The link in the e-mail was broken, and when I checked the site itself, next flight schedule is July 9, 6:25 PM. Our original flight was July 8, 7:20 AM. One day delay is just a no-no.

Here’s the thing: On May 24, I received an e-mail from the same airline company saying that our flight will be moved and that a separate e-mail with the new schedule will be sent to me ASAP. No e-mail was received on my end.

Three days after, on May 27, I received another e-mail informing me that the original schedule will be followed. No changes, nada.

And so earlier this month, my sister and I booked 2 hotel rooms for our trip because the date is nearing and we have to arrange our accommodation before the rates change. We made the non-refundable reservation to avail of the HK$ 600 discount.

Imagine my horror when I received another e-mail last Friday, informing me that our flight was again cancelled. As mentioned above, a link was provided but whenever I click it, I only get an error.

Honestly, I cried in frustration. I was so distressed. Do they expect us to shoulder the additional cost of our hotel rooms even if it wasn’t our fault? Do they expect us to just drop everything in order to adjust to their whatever-this-crap-is? My sister and I have our own jobs, and we have to properly schedule everything in advance. It was so disappointing.

I tried accessing the site using my iPhone but I always get redirected to the mobile site which was so inconvenient. When I got home, I tried to connect to Customer Care using the Live Chat, because if I call it would be considered long distance and it’s too costly.

The agent told me that only the return flight was cancelled. He gave me a new flight schedule, and guess what? It was the same as the original one. What the F is going on here?!

I was relieved, but still confused. What are you playing at, AA? I still have doubts even though the agent sent me a new itinerary via e-mail. I’ll call the contact center tomorrow, just to confirm.

Oh, growing up pains.


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