I Need A New Book

Not a real book, an e-book would be fine.

I can’t find new interesting reads anymore. Am I being too picky? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough?

I want to find another book that would excite me. A book that would make me obsessed. A story so good that I can’t help thinking about it, that I would rather read instead of work. I want a book that would bring me to an alternate universe, and with characters that I would keep babbling about.

Something new, something fresh.

Something that would make sleepless nights worth it.

Recommendations will be much appreciated.


9 thoughts on “I Need A New Book

  1. 23missb says:

    I recently read both The Birth House and The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay. I found them both to be compelling stories that I would readily recommend to most people.

  2. Lea Jurock says:

    I have three recommendations. First: The Fault in Our Stars By: John Green. The second: Shadow and Bone By: Leigh Bardugo and the third: The Historian By: Elizabeth Kostova. All amazing and made me stay up well into the night. :)

  3. Aman says:

    Try The Dark Road by Ma Jian, a very interesting yet simple but very good book. I finished it today only! The writing is elegant that you can imagine each and every word he writes. Also, it will be a new kind!

  4. amberskyef says:

    What kind of books do you like? I’m reading Jake Bonsignore’s Empyreal Illusions. There’s also Shannon Thompson’s Minutes Before Sunset. The Fault in Our Stars is great too. I can recommend a lot.

    • tangledupindaydreams says:

      My taste in books vary, it depends on my mood actually. I try every genre as much as I can :) I have read The Fault In Our Stars before and it has become one of my favorite books. I’m looking forward to reading more books similar to that. A little bit depressing but it’s a beautiful story nonetheless :)

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