Ningas Kugon

I haven’t heard of this phrase in ages.

It is used to describe a mentality wherein one starts something then ends up not finishing. Like, it’s when you’re so enthusiastic at the start of a certain task, but as time passes by, this enthusiasm fades that you end up not continuing what you’re supposed to do. (Gee, I hope I explained it well.)

Anyway, I chose this title because I feel like the ningas kugon mentality keeps on kicking in whenever I try to write something for my blog. It’s been what, like twice or thrice already in the past couple of weeks that I wrote lengthy entries but for some reason, I keep on changing my mind and I always find myself deleting my draft.

It sucks, seriously. As if my mind is not in the proper condition to think, to be articulate.

But what can I do?

I feel so helpless. My work load drains my energy. I’ve been so busy, plus my mind and my life is so messed up. Like, I’m normally an organized girl but lately, everything’s just so…chaotic. Must be the stress, I don’t know! You tell me.


Tell me what you think!

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