Unexpected Life Lessons

I’m not sure if I already mentioned this in my previous entries, but two weeks ago, my boss’ boss gave me this book entitled Investment: An A-Z Guide (The Economist). Before she handed it to me, we had a long talk about my future, and I was really flattered that she wanted me to become her mentee (sort of).

Now, if you know me, you would be surprised to see me reading a book about investments. For one, I never studied anything finance-related back in college. Okay, I studied Introduction to Economics and European Economics, but those were mostly theories that I barely understood. Another thing: it’s just not me. I have always been the girl who’s more on the right-brain side. I love reading books, but those that require imagination. In short, fiction. I like photography, drawing, and painting and other artsy-fartsy stuff. Math and I do not mix well.

Or so I thought.

Case in point: My licensure exam. I thought I would never pass, given the math problems involved. But I did it, I passed the exam. And it felt good, being able to understand. I realized that I can do it if I would just put my mind to it. My boyfriend taught me the basic concepts, and most importantly, how to analyze the problems. Because what they say is true— if you really understand the concept, even if they jumble the questions and made the problems trickier, you would be able to answer them.

This being said, life lesson number 1 would be this: Do not let fear consume you.

Another life lesson: Be aware.

I am guilty of being apathetic when it comes to the things that I am not interested in, those things that I thought had no direct effect in my life. When I had my investment training, that’s when my eyes were opened to the world of Economics (Finance, Investments, et cetera). But of course, that was only the beginning.

The things that were mentioned in my training were also mentioned in the book, and I was (surprisingly) thrilled. Then I realized, there are a lot of things out there that I thought do not concern me— topics that I view as not interesting or boring— and if I just open my mind, I would be surprised with what’s out there.

Lastly, Everything is connected.

Take the excerpt below, from the book that I’m currently reading.


We forget that the past was once the present; as messy, higgledy-piggledy and inconclusive as the present always is.

Who would have thought that a book about investments can contain so much life lessons?

I am beyond amazed, and I look forward to learning more.


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