The Procrastinator

I check my WordPress Feed everyday, and I’ve been wanting write something for the Daily Prompt (Never, Do Not Disturb, The Normal). I always start, but I just can’t seem to finish my entries. My mind is a tangled mess, and I find it frustrating.

When I downloaded this WordPress app in my iPhone, I thought I could do more. I thought I could update more. How wrong was I. It’s still different. The feel is different.

Plus, I’m a procrastinator.

I’m normally not like this, but I don’t know…I guess it comes with all the stress, like my body doesn’t want to function anymore. It doesn’t want to exert any effort. Or maybe it’s just all in the mind. Yes, it’s definitely in the mind.

That being said, I will really, really, really try to write more. I said this myself before, that it’s a form of therapy for me. And without it, everything’s just a mess.

Last night I’ve been itching to write. My mind was overflowing with thoughts, my heart with emotions I couldn’t express.

Wake up Erika, time to let go of inhibitions and just do it.


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