Pre-flight Fuss

My family and I are traveling to Hong Kong in less than 2 months and I’m getting more and more frustrated as our date of departure looms.

I guess I’ve been too accustomed to booking in boutique hotels, living the “backpacker life”, that I find it hard to look for a hotel for this trip. Imagine traveling with a 2 year-old— you won’t exactly let him sleep in a bunk bed, right? Or in a room with other people, for instance. Plus, my parents will also be traveling with us. We’re exactly not a group of able-bodied adventurers. The hotel should be very accessible, and near the tourist spots we plan to visit.

Another issue: I received an e-mail from Air Asia, informing me that our flight will be rescheduled. I haven’t received the new flight details until now, I hope it’s still within our preferred schedule. Good thing my sister and I haven’t booked tickets to Disneyland yet, or else.

I wish my boyfriend will be traveling with us. I feel safer whenever he’s with me. Like, I won’t get lost— and even if I do, I’m confident that we will find our way.

Oh well, wish me luck. I need lots and lots of luck.


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