Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Bayon Temple

Angkor Thom a.k.a Bayon Temple

Pattern (n) – a repeated decorative design

Surprise, surprise! This post isn’t about pattern, but rather, the lack of it.

From afar, you would think that the designs in this temple are exactly the same. If you look closer, you will observe that this is not the case. One smile may be wider than the other’s, the expression different. This is all part of the exquisite design of the Angkor temples.

Just take a look at the photo below. This was taken in one of the walls inside Angkor Wat. It depicts the war between demons and the Hindu Gods, and if you’re patient enough to study each carving, you would see that every single image is unique.

Angkor Wat

What’s more impressive is this: the carvers have to perfect their carvings the first time. There’s no room for error, because if one of them makes a mistake, they have to replace the whole wall. And trust me, if it’s hard to find a gargantuan limestone rock at this day and age, how much more back then, when everything had to be done manually?

I guess this is one of the reasons why Siem Reap had become one of my favorite cities. It captured not only my heart, but also my mind, in just a couple of days.


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