Daily Prompt: Personal Space

I’m two days late for this Daily Prompt but I’m going to answer it anyway.

I mainly blog for my sanity.

I am flattered whenever people find my posts interesting, my photos beautiful. I appreciate the likes and the comments. It makes me feel as if my thoughts really mean something, you know?

I use writing as a means of therapy. I am a private person, but here’s the irony: I’d rather have complete strangers read my stories and my thoughts than those who know me personally. Why? Because strangers tend to be less judgmental, especially in this environment where everyone bares their souls for everyone to see. For me, this blog of mine is my private public diary. I bare a part of my soul to people I don’t know, but somehow, I find comfort in that.

I want to share my experiences especially about traveling without worrying at the back of my mind: “Do they think I’m just showing off?” I want to share my thoughts, emotions, ideas to people who actually wants to listen (figuratively).

And if my entries help anyone who comes across it, then why not? I’m all for helping others. Sometimes I get in trouble for it, but so what?


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