Kamusta means “How are you (doing)?” in Filipino language.

Yes, I’m back in the Philippines and trying to reacquaint myself with my surroundings. I’m in a culture frenzy here. Being in five countries for the past two weeks left me confused— sometimes I don’t know what date it is or what day, or which country I’m in, and the time!

I arrived yesterday morning and well, as I’ve predicted, I spent most of my day just catching some Zzzz’s. You often think that when you’re on vacation, you would get lots of sleep but that wasn’t the case for me these past twelve days. Our flight to Ho Chi Minh City was at past ten in the evening (Philippine time) and we arrived there at half-past twelve (Vietnam time), then we had to get up early in the morning in the days after. It was like an ordinary work day, I tell you. Well, except for not having to work, which I’m grateful for.

There were also a lot of unpacking and packing and repacking— it was exhausting, especially the carrying the heavy backpack part. I am amazed with those legit backpackers we’ve come across during our travel, they carry humongous backpacks which I’m sure I could literally fit inside.

I’m dying to post photos from the trip, like I’m itching to death…but no, stupid forgetful me forgot to get my camera from the boyfriend, so he went home with it instead. I swear I would’ve bashed myself in the head yesterday if I wasn’t too sleepy to even blink.

Anyway, so there. My vacation is almost over, I go back to work this Thursday. I’m seriously not in the mood to work, but I have to face reality sooner or later. Might as well shorten the agony and get it over with.

The trip was awesome, twelve days of adventure and exploration, getting lost, basking in the sun, looking like crap and not giving a damn about it, and just…being free. I miss it already.

Well, I guess I’ll be tangled up in daydreams again…for now…until the next trip. :)


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