Phoneography and WP App: The Perks and The Downside

March is almost over and I only have one Phoneography post, and about three other entries with which I used my phone in posting.

I must admit, using my phone is very convenient. Unfortunately, even though there may be perks, there are also some let-downs. And since I’m bored, I took the liberty of breaking down all the PROs and CONs I have encountered while using my WordPress phone app.

PERK: I could just write a spur-of-the-moment blog entry— anytime, anywhere. For example, if I feel upset, I could just get my phone and type away all my thoughts. (Like what happened here, here, and here.) It’s a great therapy indeed.

DOWNSIDE: It’s actually more of my problem rather than the actual app’s problem. I’m just too OC for my own good. I want all my tags consistent, and it bothers me to type them all again whenever I use my phone. I mean, compared to the actual site where I can just pick from an existing list of the tags that I already used. It’s shallow, I know. But to my fellow freaks out there, I know you feel for me. I know you do.

PERK: The phoneography challenge enables me to finally put my gazillion camera apps to good use. I keep on downloading photography related stuff, but I always, always, end up not using them. So now that there’s an actual challenge where I’m supposed to use my phone, well,  bring it on!

DOWNSIDE: I see a lot of beautiful sceneries, come across extraordinary moments— but here’s the problem: If you grew up in a Third World Country, you know better than just simply taking out your phone in the middle of the road and take pictures. It’s unsafe, and stupid. In these dangerous times, it’s so easy for snatchers to just grab the phone from your hand. Every stranger can be a potential criminal, they come in all shapes and sizes now, and it’s unnerving. Ergo, I only use my phone whenever I’m indoors, where it’s relatively safer.

What else? Oooh I can’t think of anything. But I know I’ll come up with more. I just wish they would extend the Phoneography month, you know? But hey, nobody said we cannot use our phones once it’s over. So yeah, I guess I’ll still be doing some phoneography thingamajig even after March.


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