Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In The Details


Manila: There’s beauty in chaos.

My version of Lost In The Details is strange, I mean compared to the example posted in the Daily Post blog. Whereas the one I should imitate is breathtaking to the core, this one is the complete opposite.

I grew up in a province a couple of hours away from Manila, where the air is clean, the houses are big, the streets are not crowded. I was sheltered, very much cared for. I didn’t know how to cross the street, I didn’t know how to commute. Just one month after college graduation, I was sent to live in Manila alone. Talk about culture shock. There were vehicles everywhere, the streets get flooded on rainy days, it was horrifying yet exhilarating at the same time.

As time passed, I learned how to ride public transportation. I’m still scared to cross the street eight years later, but at least I can do it already. I learned how to walk in the crowded streets, I managed to survive the polluted environment despite my asthma.

Sure, I love the restaurants, the hustle and bustle that gives off so much energy, the malls, the happy people. But that’s not the only reason.

In Manila, I found independence.

I experienced freedom. I got lost, I got frustrated, I got stranded, I got robbed— but I learned, and I survived.


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