Indochina Trip: 1 month and 14 days to go!

I love it when things are going well according to plan. Well, in this case, I love it when we’re in the process of completing the actual plan.

So far, all our plane tickets are complete:

Manila to Ho Chi Minh

Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur to Penang

Penang to Singapore

Singapore to Manila

We already spent around US$240.00 per person all in all, which is pretty much cheap already. The key strategy is to plan it at least a year before and organize it gradually, so that when the travel period comes, you won’t spend too much all at once.

Our hotel rooms for Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh and Mui Ne), Cambodia (Siem Reap), and Thailand (Bangkok) are also reserved and booked:

Townhouse 50 (Ho Chi Minh)

Melon Resort Hotel (Mui Ne)

Ho Sen 2 Hotel (Ho Chi Minh)

Reflections Boutique Hotel (Siem Reap)

My Hotel CMYK (Bangkok)

We’re still looking for hotels to stay in for Malaysia and Singapore. Honestly, the hotels in these two countries are quite pricey, but with proper research, I’m pretty sure we’re going to do just fine. :)

I’m excited, but I still have one more major problem: How to tell my parents that I’m going on a two-week trip to Indochina!

Just hearing the words Vietnam and Cambodia sends panic to my parents (my mother, specifically). How much more if they find out that I’m traveling from country to country via bus?

I’m really scared of telling them that I’m going.

Oh dear God, please give me the strength! Haha.


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