Priorities, priorities

Two weeks ago I attended a week-long Investment Training— it was a fun experience, albeit harrowing. Fun, because my brain cells were finally put to good use. I was beginning to get worried that they have been dormant for quite some time. And by harrowing, I was pertaining to the internal accreditation exam that I had to take afterwards…and two more exams after that.

I flunked the internal accreditation exam…twice. Well, all nine of us did. No one passed. It’s embarrassing in a way, but how do you expect someone to master ten modules in just three days? And for someone like me who doesn’t have any background with the basic principles of Wealth Management and Finance, I found it very hard to keep up.

I took comfort with the fact that I only lacked two points to pass but who was I kidding? A failed grade is still a failed grade, regardless if you’re the highest in class or not. A failure is still a failure, no matter how close you were to reaching your goal. The thing is, I think I understand. I really do understand. Whenever someone explains the concepts to me, I get it.

But whenever I look at the questions, I find myself thinking: “What the hell is this?”

I have another exam on Monday afternoon, and I really do hope that I pass already. I haven’t studied yet, not much. This past week has been crazy in terms of volume and complexity of the tasks assigned to me, and now that I’m home, I just can’t absorb anything whenever I try to read my notes.

I only find myself reading books that are not Investment-related in any way. I just can’t concentrate! Case in point: In the middle of studying, I just thought, hey I think I want need a Kindle. And now I find myself browsing Amazon to check out the prices of Kindle. Oh my freaking goodness.

Priorities, priorities!


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